Thai Take-Away in Lausanne : Your Thai Take-Away Restaurant in Lausanne


No food in the world has ever generated as much excitement, which is currently under Thai cuisine.
It is one of the most popular exotic cuisine in the West.
Our rich and varied cuisine is part of the culinary tradition of South-East Asia.
Based on rice and noodles, the Thai cuisine privilege fish, vegetables and meat and gives a special place tospices and peppers.
It is through the subtle scents of Thai cuisine that appeals to us most often.
Thus our Thai Restaurant "Taste of Elsewhere", offers a varied cuisine of high quality at a very affordable price.

8 chicken skewers with Satay sauce {15.00}
8 chicken wings with sweet & sour sauce {15.00}
Panaeng curry with beef or chicken or shrimps {16.00}
Green curry with beef or chicken or shrimps or pork {18.00}
Green curry with vegetables {15.00} Vegetarian
Duck with red curry {19.00}
Duck in double red curry sauce with pineapple {19.00}
Chicken or pork in a red curry sauce with Thai pumpkin {18.00}
Sweet & sour beef or shrimps or chicken or pork {18.00}
Sweet & sour vegetables {15.00} Vegetarian
Chef's special beef or pork {18.00}
Pan fried chicken or pork with crushed peppers {15.00}
Minced chicken or pork with basilic {15.00}
Fried spareribs {18.00}
Pan fried rice with eggs {10.00}
Pan fried rice with shrimps or chicken {15.00}
Pan fried rice with duck {18.00}
Pan fried noodles with shrimps or chicken {18.00}
Vegetarian Vegetarian dishes